Zenith Print Group Child Labour Policy

Child labour, is defined as the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful in the conduct of its business. 

Zenith Print Group (the Company) provides a conducive working environment that is characterised by equality and mutual respect and the Company will not tolerate the use of child or forced labour, nor exploitation of children in any of its operations. 

The Company will not employ any children (aged under 16 years of age) and will manage young workers (aged over 16 years but under 18 years of age) within the relevant legislative requirements. 

Any person employed by the Company between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age will be classed as a “young worker”, any such employee will be given an in-depth induction to include health and safety requirements i.e. risk assessment, suitably trained for the role they are undertaking, supervised by a trained/experienced employee, not exposed to situations in or outside of the workplace that are hazardous or unsafe to their physical and mental health and development, entitled to legally recognised breaks. 

Young workers will not be permitted to work over 8 hours per day (10 inclusive of travel) and only permitted to work during daylight hours, if in education young workers will not be permitted to work during school hours. 

Students and/or educational work experience placements are not considered child labour but will be approved by Senior Management in conjunction with the Human Resource Director, prior to placement and will follow the principals of “young workers”. 

The Company expects our suppliers and contractors with whom we do business to uphold the same Principals. Failure to comply with our principals will result in suspension from the “approved supplier and contractor list”. 

Alan Campbell
Group HR Director

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