What We Do



Zenith Print & Packaging is a recognised world leader in the manufacture of presentation packaging for coins, medals, banknotes and stamps.

We export to over 50 countries across the world and our clients include the UK Royal Mint and many international banks and mints.

You can work with us in confidence to deliver the highest class of numismatic products.

The expertise and technology we have at our disposal can also be applied to every sort of display and presentational item, big or small, whether it is commemorative goods for sports clubs, collectors items or promotional samples.


Collector Albums
We produce collector albums for a wide variety of markets and customers. They can be used in loyalty schemes; single albums for collecting coins and medals, souvenir packs – the potentials are endless.

Come to us with the spark of an idea and we’ll turn it into a vibrant, memorable product that reflects the best of your brand and drives up your customer loyalty.

Our clients include major football clubs, collector suppliers and event organisers from all over the UK and the world-wide.

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