School Attendance Boards


As we are all aware attendance at school is vital for every young person’s development and well-being.

A child should be given every encouragement to arrive at school every day that they are able. The school itself and of course each child’s parents or guardians are able to motivate children to attend as many classes as possible. To help to further encourage young children to attend school each day we have created an Attendance Board which will visually highlight the whole school attendance average and the average for each form/class. By having each class’s percentage attendance highlighted in each classroom the school will find that competition between forms can push up attendance figures in a short period of time. There will be members of each class who will support those with less than average attendance to enable them to improve so that their class average percentage is increased thus increasing whole school attendance figures.



  • Each board will have a movable indicator arrow to adjust to the percentage attendance figure each day/week
  • Boards will be personalised to your own school’s requirement
  • We suggest that you have an A1 size board placed in either the School Reception Area or the School Hall to show whole school attendance figures
  • Each classroom should also have a smaller one (A2 size) to show each class’s attendance percentage.


“We have been delighted with the impact and success of the attendance boards. They have helped our school to raise the profile of attendance in a fun way for pupils in every class.” Ken Heaton, Headteacher
Florence Melly Community Primary School.

“We love it when our children are in school and we love the impact of our attendance boards too! The attendance indicator boards provide a clearly visible way of charting and celebrating school attendance with a range of audiences. Through consistent use of the boards, children, staff and school community members are all aware of our attendance figures on a daily and weekly basis. They have proved to be an excellent tool within our whole school strategy to improve attendance.” Jane Ngenda, Headteacher Woolton Primary School

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