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Zenith Print & Packaging Quality Policy

Zenith Print and Packaging Ltd specialises in the production of coin and medal packaging and high quality promotional and retail packaging.

The Company has adopted a quality system designed to meet its needs and improve its performance.

Our operating policy is to be professional in all aspects of our business functions.

Products are manufactured under the disciplines of our Integrated Management System, on time and to a consistent quality that conforms to the requirements of our Customer, the Organisation and any applicable Regulatory Authority.

Directors, Managers and all other staff are required to carry out all operations and processes in accordance with the Integrated Management System and everyone is encouraged towards continual improvement and the prevention of errors.

The consequent reduction of waste, uniformity of product, good working practices and improved teamwork makes us a better Organisation that operates effectively as a unit.

The Integrated Management System is subject to regular on-going Management Review and Internal Audits, all improvements are carried out and documented. Quality objectives are established and reviewed at Management Review.

The Zenith Print & Packaging Quality System has been assessed and is certificated against the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and is subject to surveillance by an external certification body.


Date: 13th June 2018


Click here to view our ISO 9001 Certificate

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