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Zenith Print & Packaging Ethical Policy

Zenith Print and Packaging Ltd specialises in the production of coin and medal packaging and high quality promotional and retail packaging.

The Company are aware that public welfare and the issues of ethical responsibility and are committed to the ethos, operational practices and compliance with the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) https://www.ethicaltrade.org/ for workers rights.

Senior Management have agreed on the implementation of this policy which will apply to all employees in relation to:

Child Labour:  The Company will not employ any person under the age of 16, any person employed by the Company between the age of 16 and 18 years of age will be classed as a “young worker”.

Forced and Compulsory Labour:  The Company will not use or support forced or compulsory labour and will not ask for any money off new employees for employment and all employees will be issued with a contract.

Health and Safety:  The Company will provide a safe and healthy workplace, a Committee and Representatives are appointed to review all aspects of health and safety.

Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining:  Employees will be free to join a trade union of their choice and will not discriminate against those engaged in worker unions.

Discrimination:  The Company will not discriminate against race, nationality or social origin, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political opinions or age, neither will we tolerate threatening, abusive, exploitative or bullying behaviour in the workplace.

Disciplinary Practices:  The Company will treat all employees with dignity and respect and has zero tolerance of mental or physical abuse or inhumane treatment and as such has in place a disciplinary policy.

Working Hours:  The Company will comply with the laws and industry standards with regard to working hours and will issue all employees with a written contracts.

Remuneration:  All employees will be paid at least the legal minimum wage, sufficient to meet basic needs.  Wages and benefits will be clearly documented within individual employees contracts.

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