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Zenith Media Environmental Policy

Zenith Media are experienced lithographic printers based in Pontypool, South Wales. The company was established in 1993 and currently employs over 100 staff. We’re committed to achieving continuous improvement and minimising our impact on the environment. We’re also committed to the prevention of pollution and demonstrate environmental improvement through:

  • Complying with all relevant legislation and other environmental codes of practice;
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance by developing objectives that target waste minimisation, energy conservation and reducing its carbon footprint. These objectives are set based upon the company’s internal aspects and impacts assessment;
  • Developing productive relationships with suppliers, contractors and other interested parties;
  • Improving staff awareness of their own environmental responsibilities.

Our commitment to the environment is further extended through certification to the FSC® Chain of Custody standard. This gives Zenith and its customers confidence that the paper material we use has been sourced from sustainably managed forests. In addition to this, we have adopted a proactive approach to informing our clients of the benefits which come from using certified material and how they can promote their own environmental practices by including the FSC® logo on their products.

In addition to using certified materials we also use solely vegetable based inks. These inks are completely non-hazardous and therefore far kinder to the environment.

As a side effect of our production process we produce quantities of hazardous waste. To ensure this waste is correctly disposed of we use reputable and certified waste carriers who collect the waste from our site, treat it and recycle what they can.

For packaging our product, we use, paper, plastics and cardboard. Any wastage of these materials is segregated into designated bins and recycled.

This policy is reviewed at least annually at our management review meetings. This ensures it is kept accurate and in line with the company’s processes, targets and objectives. This policy is available to all interested parties on request.

Mark Partridge
Operators Director


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