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C3 Imaging FSC Policy

C3 Imaging FSC Policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment and responsible forest management, and to reducing our carbon footprint, C3 Imaging have become certified to the FSC® Chain of Custody certification.

FSC standards are globally recognised as the highest social and environmental standards in forestry stewardship. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody (CoC) system allows the tracking of FSC certified material through the entire production chain from the forest to the consumer. Only companies that have FSC chain of custody certification are allowed to use the FSC trademarks and labels to promote their products.

We are committed to implement and maintain the chain of custody system to ensure that our FSC products originate from certified, well-managed forests. We will be audited regularly to ensure strict and consistent implementation of FSC rules and procedures.

With the implementation of the Chain of Custody System, C3imaging will ensure that for all FSC printed jobs, the paper we use comes from well-managed, FSC certified forestry operations, where ecological, social and responsible forest management values are observed.

We will be using the FSC logo to demonstrate our commitment to the environment and on all FSC products.

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