2018/19 Magazine

Wildlife Photography World

The magazine features some eye-catching photography, with shots taken in a wide variety of locations and conditions. Achieving the best possible results for a photography title can be challenging – the publisher has had experience of printers who do not pay attention to the individual images, resulting in some compromises and disappointment in final outcome.

When awarded the title, Zenith realised what a beautiful piece of work it should be. We proofed the artwork to the client and contacted them to make sure we understood the requirements. Clear instructions were added to our work ticket by the account handler– we needed to ensure each shot could be shown in the most attractive way possible, despite variable lighting conditions etc. in some of the shots.

Our Operations Director, Mark Partridge, personally passed each section on press, adjusting colour to try to maximise the creative impact of each shot. This was a careful process, some of the shots feature quite low lighting, it would be easy to lose detail in the imagery if not handled carefully on press. On several spreads, Mark took photos and video of the sheets and sent them to the client for a quick approval – one example featuring a moose, the original image was a touch too dark losing the detail in the centre, Mark worked with the press minder to carefully achieve as much contrast as possible. To ensure the best possible outcome, Mark called the client and talked through images he was concerned about, to ensure we achieved the best results possible”.

The work was printed on our B1 press with inline coater, folded and PUR bound in house, delivered within 3 working days.

The client, Tony Denton, Editor commented “I was very impressed with the service and results Zenith Media gave. To know there is someone looking at each page closely is very reassuring, I have never had someone call me while printing to discuss the work in progress – it left a very positive feeling that my work was being given extra care and attention”.

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