Prospectus 2018/19

Royal Academy of Dance

The specification was to provide 6,500 copies of a PUR bound prospectus on specified stock, Edixion Offset. The client had been disappointed with a previous edition where the printer and design agency did not communicate, resulting in a washed-out appearance and some finishing concerns.

We met with both the client and the designer to establish guidelines to avoid losing images in the spine – the photography included lots of shots of dancers over double page spreads, losing image area would artificially fore-shorten the appearance of the dancers limbs – a technical weakness amongst the dance community. Also important was to understand the new photography – shots with delicate fabrics, lots of movement against dark backgrounds; achieving clarity and the correct colour balance was vital.

We agreed to produce wet proofs showing some important shots, as well as tests on clarity against different backgrounds and various tint values of the pantone (PMS3255u).

We proofed on our FOGRA52 calibrated Epson proofers, also producing a bound book proof to check image-line-up across spreads. Following submission of proofs, we met the client and design agency. It was decided to re-colour balance several shots where some were too dark, others were giving incorrect colours for chiffon fabrics etc. New files were supplied, and proofs produced including machine proofs to check adjusted imagery etc. Upon approval, we printed on our Heidelberg B1 presses, before being folded and PUR bound in house.

Delivery was made within 5 working days of approval of proofs.

The final publication had been well received – the client and design agency were delighted with the end result: “I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on the printing of the prospectus. The colours are fabulous and the bind and finish perfect” – Lorraine Nicholson, Faculty of Education Marketing Manager, Royal Academy of Dance

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