Spring/Summer Catalogue 2018

Meri Meri

We have worked with our client on a range of publications for several years. For the Spring/ Summer catalogue, the client asked if they could produce something “slightly different – cute and suitable for the Spring Season!”

We suggested printing onto alternative stocks, however, the client was keen to ensure images reproduced crisply, so we decided to retain the use of silk coated text pages. Rather than trying to print a spring cover image, we tried some foiling and embossing to achieve a suitable effect. There was concern over how impactful an embossed image may/may not be. After advice from our die manufacturers, we suggested creating a simple image, but purchasing a “high definition die” – this would be more expensive but gives a much more definite embossed image. Simple foiling would pick out other details, while the Title copy etc. could be printed to ensure clarity.

The client liked the concept but wanted proof it would work. We ordered dies and ran tests in house on our converted Heidelberg platen on stock options ranging from silk coated, to standard offsets.

However, the sheet which best worked with the concept was Olin High-White Smooth 250gsm. There was some concern about the price of the sheet, however, with careful planning, due to the sheet size availability, we could use this sheet with little waste, and come in on budget.

The final design was approved, the cover printed in spot PMS904u on our B2 press, foiled and embossed in house. The text printed on our B1 5 colour presses with inline satin coating to achieve a suitable finish. We PUR bound in house. In total, allowing for trialling various sheets, proofing, printing and finishing, we produced the job in under 8 working days, a fast turnaround for a job which required production trials and several finishing options!

Client, Brian Curtis “We set a challenge to come up with something unusual for this title. Zenith’s wide range of in house finishing processes proved useful, their willingness to suggest and trial various options gave the confidence to change the traditional Spring Catalogue for something more interesting and memorable, a huge success!”

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