Exhibition vinyl graphics

LS Lowry Exhibition

The Lowry needed to be able to install the largest public display of LS Lowry’s work using an innovative combination of display techniques including the latest fabric graphics.

Our team worked closely with Val Evans Design who created the exhibition to produce and install a series of fabric graphics on aluminium frames, illuminated fabric displays and cut vinyl information panels.

In the summer of 2015 we were pleased to open a complete re-display of the Collection – with more gallery space than ever before dedicated to the Salford artist, along with new interpretation and new loans from across the UK. Featuring some of his most famous and important works this exhibition shows an artist remarkable for his diversity and fearless innovation.

Watch the installation here:

“Having worked with C3 Imaging Liverpool for many years, they were my first contact to create the permanent displays at The Lowry galleries in Manchester. The exhibition had a very tight turnaround, but everything was completed on time and to very high standards and the installation was a dream thanks to Mike and Danny, the fitters! C3 are always at the forefront of new technologies and having previously created fabric displays at Salford Museum & Art Gallery I introduced the idea to my clients at The Lowry who decided to use them in many areas of the galleries and were delighted with the results.” Val Evans Design

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